Single day mountaineering objectives – Mountaineering plan or Trail running plan

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    For single day low grade/scrambly mountaineering efforts (20 km, 2000m gain) would it be better to follow the trail running plan?

    I own the 24 week mountaineering plan, the intro rock alpinism plan, and the advanced rock alpinism plan and my impression is they are meant for overnight objectives that require carrying a heavy backpack not a day pack.

    While I enjoy all the weight lifting in these plans, my sense is they are not going to make me faster.

    Also I can’t help but notice all the people in my area (canadian rockies) doing big objectives in a day have some sort of trail running or skimo background.


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    Jane Mackay on #79643

    Hi Brandon,
    I posed your question to coach Pedro Carvalho – here’s his reply:

    Both plans work , the 24 week mountaineering or the trail running .
    With the mountaineering training plans , the efforts can be done running , except the weighted backpack efforts.

    Does that help?

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