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    Hey there!

    Would you have any specifc guidelines for an extended period of base training?
    I am talking about certain rules, like incorporating rest days every xyz days or intensity sessions once a week?
    These above are obviously just examples, but I think you get what I mean.

    I read the UA book and am very well informed about the importance of the aerobic base and therefore spending lots of hours in Z1/2.
    It is written to replace the ME & Sprint Session by one or two Z3/4 sessions, coming into the period of race specific training, however for well trained athletes, I think, it might be beneficial to replace the ME session with either a Z3 or Z4 workout even in the “earlier” stages of training; especially when not having special A-races on the calendar and maybe just wanting to do some races as training occasionally, which then would be treated like intensity “key” sessions, of course.

    My general idea is to create a certain frame of easy Z1/2 runs, performed as often as possible (every day with maybe a few rest days thrown in), which should kinda “surround” the other “key” sessions, like long runs and intervals. I am asking, how you would structure this kind of training in terms of what frequency you would perfome these “key” sessions and if you think that after these always have to follow a rest day or if a standard easy Z1/2 run, maybe a bit shortened, would be sufficient as well (given that there would be no special fatique or DOMS or anything like that following)?

    I know this kinda interacts with the popular idea of periodized training, but wouldn’t you think that might actually work as well? Especially for athletes in their first 3-5 years?

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    Mariner_9 on #68441

    Hi Tobias,

    Not quite sure what your specific question or questions are but the UA Mountain Running plans might be of interest to you:

    In response to “I am talking about certain rules, like incorporating rest days every xyz days or intensity sessions once a week”
    – I believe consensus is 1-2 intensity sessions per week (perhaps less during certain periods). I think this is discussed on the Science of Ultra podcast Coaches Corner Number 5, Speed Training For Ultras
    – rest days: probably depends how you define a rest day, but assuming that means only recovery work, I would guess 1-2 per week would be a standard recommendation, with build/recovery cycles of ‘2w on, 1w off’ or ‘3w on, 1w off’


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