Signed up to my first Ultra!

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    After returning back to running last year after years away due to injuries, I’ve taken the plunge and entered my first ultra in September this year. I’ve entered the Salomon Ring of Steall Skyline race, 29km/2500m ascent.
    I’ve climbed this route in winter, but it will be good to go back and ‘run’ it.
    I have a marathon and a few smaller events planned in the lead up to it. However, excited to have this race to look forward to.

    I’ll be testing my physiology in my lab and tracking it through my training, I’ll put it all on YouTube and send the links across.

    Has anybody else completed this race?

    I’m aiming to follow this up with the Spine Challenger race in January 2021 – I’d planned to do that this year.

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    wheeler.gareth on #38009

    I have also signed up to it this year.. hopefully we get great weather like last year!

    I wouldnt really call it an ultra though as its not longer than a marathon, but the ascent is pretty much ultra worthy!

    w.g.clarke1 on #38163

    I look forward to seeing your training on the lead up to the race, I am also competing in the Ring of Steall.

    Like @wheeler.gareth said, not quite an ultra. Essentially it is a Skyrunning event or Skyrace. I will be competing in a number of the UK/Ireland Skyrunning races over the season, so seeing different (or same) varieties to training will be interesting.

    Good luck

    stephensmith on #38319

    Had a good couple of weeks, hitting almost all of my planned sessions. Struggling to hit the vertical at the moment as where I live is really flat, but I’ll just change how I plan my runs – less just out of the front door!

    stephensmith on #38320

    It would be good to meet up with you both. And also hear how your training is going.

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