Should I go by HR or pace during “AnT Intervals”? (Beginner Marathon Plan)

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    For the “AnT Intervals” workouts of the 24 Wk Beginner Marathon Training Plan, the training plan calls for… “4x 5min running at AnT HR with 3 min walking recovery.”

    My AnT pace is 8:30 min/mile @177 bpm (as determined by field tests).

    If I do my intervals by heart rate, I have to run 7:15 min/mile to get my heart rate up to AnT HR within the 5 minutes. I think this is due to HR lag. If I go by pace and run 8:30 min/mile, my heart rate never gets to 177bpm and hovers around ~163 bpm.

    Should I go by heart rate or by pace during the 5 minutes?


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    HR lag is always an issue in interval training. In your case since the lag is long and the difference in pace 7:15 to 8:30 is large I would recommend doing these at 8:30 for the first session and see how you recover. If you feel good the next day or by two days after then do the next session at 8:15 and continue that way. This will be better than to do the first one a 7:15 and find that you are wrecked for 4 days after or unable to complete the workout at that pace.

    Sneak up in the intensity gradually.


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