Short race – HR above AnT??

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    From past races (<1 hr) I’ve seen that my HR pleateaus at 171 for any length of time when pushing it. I took this as my AnT – however this week I took part in a short (6.4 km) race that was unusual for me in that it had lots of short hard uphills and downhills (as opposed to longer drags or flat), on reasonably technical terrain. i averaged a HR of 173 for the race. It felt absolutely brutal. Does this mean I’ve had my AnT wrong before – or does the nature of the course (with lots of short hard efforts) have an impact?

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    Shashi on #56485

    Maybe your AnT is higher than 171. I would suggest doing an AnT test with a 15 min warm up, pacing yourself and sustaining the effort for 30 minutes.

    Anonymous on #56521

    These short harder efforts like you encountered on the hills will push the HR well above AnT. XC skiing which is all about hills will often push HRs to near max on the uphills. This is well above AnT. I would use your 1 hours race efforts and 171 as your AnT. But….2 beats is not much in this case, close to 1% difference.


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