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    Hi everyone,

    i think like the most of you guys i have a regular job. On most days i do my primary training in the morning (Running, Cycling…). On some days i fit in a second workout mostly strength, core, stabilisation based gym work. Which lasts for about an hour (2-3 times a week).
    In the past, when i didn’t had time for this second workout. I did mini strength circuits through the day (3-5minutes). E.g. Push Ups, Pull Ups, Planks, Bridges, etc.

    Is this kind of training beneficial? Would it be better todo maybe one, or two shorter 20-30′ gym sessions more?

    I’m curious if anyone of you guys do something similar? Or has good recommendations?

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Have a great day. Greetings from switzerland — mirko

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    TerryLui on #26845

    Hey Mirko!
    Your question – “Is this kind of training beneficial?”

    My questions in return:
    1) What are your goals?
    2) What is your current fitness routine? (i.e. Distance & duration of run/cycling; gym routine & weights, etc)

    The reason I ask is because the more “in line” your goal(s) and training routine are to one another, the more benefit you will see from the effort you put into training.
    If you can shed more light on the above it’ll give us have a better sense of where you’re at and where you want to go 🙂

    Anonymous on #26847


    Terry is correct that the more specific your training the better will be the result. However, we can make a general statement that even these short strength sessions spread out through the day will be better than nothing and will have general strength and health benefits. If you do these very short sessions I suggest using a max strength protocol. Even if it is only 2 sets of 2 reps of weighted pull ups at 90% of max you can see good strength gains.

    Terry is also right that the results depend on your current fitness. The fitter you become the bigger the training stimulus you need to become still fitter.


    nullkru on #26934

    Hello again,

    sorry my post was a bit unclear. I’m a mountain/ultra runner based in switzerland. I had several stress fractures in my hip early this year.
    Right now i’m running about 4 times a week (the last 3 weeks between 6-10h). Before the injury (15-20h). Because i still not got the permit (PT) to run more i supplement with road cycling (avg. 8-11h). With at least one interval session on the bike.
    My goal is to get my body ready again for the long trail/mountain stuff. The injury is not an issue anymore.
    Currently my gym works looks like this. Switching the bw only exercises
    I try to do this at least 2x a week (alternating leg press/deadlifts):
    – Leg Press 4×8 @110Kg
    – Deadlift 5×5 @50Kg
    – Pull Ups 4×7-9
    – Dips 4×9-10
    – Push Ups, Pikes, Rows, Bridges, Squats, etc. (in the 3-4×8-12 Rep Range)
    – balance, core
    i hope it’s a bit clearer now.
    Thanks in advance and have a nice day — mirko

    TerryLui on #27038

    Hey Mirko,
    Referencing the format of the gym workout in TftNA, a few things come to mind when looking at your gym routine:
    1) Since your goal is long distance running, consider swapping the leg press and deadlifts for weighted box step ups and lunges. More specific to your goals.
    2) For BW exercises, you may aim for holding a weight that is in addition to your BW which allows you to do 4-6 reps per set (~75% max rep weight). Obviously you want to avoid increasing muscle mass, so avoid lifting to failure. Adjust weight accordingly.

    This is assuming you do not need to do any “catching up” from the injury you had (i.e. the exercises you’re currently doing are not rehabilitative)

    nullkru on #27178

    Hi TerryLui,

    thanks for your answer. I will implement them. The leg press comes from my PT/doctors (they want me to but on some mass around my glutes/hips), i did reha. exercices in the past few months.

    for your second answer: would it work too if i e.g make an incline pushup so slow that i don’t can go over those 4-6 reps? Or do i trigger another stimulus with this TUT technique?

    Thanks and have a nice day — mirko

    TerryLui on #27184

    Hey Mirko,
    1) If the leg press is part of prescribed exercises from your PT, then probably best to keep it going. You can always add on the single leg exercises I referenced.

    2) That’s a great question that I don’t have a solid answer for…
    I imagine that eventually your muscles will adapt well to the slow incline pushups and the physiological response/improvement will drop off to the point that it’ll take a LONG time to challenge your muscles. I’d err on the side of adding weight to the BW exercises (assuming you need to). Personally I’ve simply used an old backpack and put in metal weightlifting plates (instead of a weighted vest). Takes a bit of balancing at first but it adds to the challenge!

    nullkru on #27289

    Thanks Terry!

    1: the leg press is actually single leg work. But will implement stepups too, or alternatively!

    2: i own a weight vest. So at home it’s not an issue. Initial question refers to situations when i don’t have access to equipment. It would really interesst me if this works to. Would be great to have an answer for this :)!

    Anyway appreciate your time! — mirko

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