Shoes choice for 6000m : single boot + overboot ?

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    Hello there !

    I’ve entered the Uphill Athlete world like half a year ago in order to prepare an expedition at 6000m+ in Peru Vilcanota. I did love the training approach it proposes (as opposed to the “classic” and old approach I often see around me even in swiss alpine club, which is “to prepare for the mountain, go to the mountains”), considering alpinism (finally !) as a sport, and not only a leisure, and I’m still loving it. That’s for the presentation.

    I’m now trying to get all the equipment I need to go up there and, when it comes to shoes, it gets complicated. I would want to get shoes I could then use in the Alps in winter condition (to avoid multiple single usage buy), and I would love to find something a bit cheaper than the average 6000m+ shoes (every models around CHF 900.-); I tried to go for second hand, but it’s hard for me to get the right size (I’m quite tall).
    The other option I looked at was the possible combo: single layer boot (like Mont Blanc Pro GTX) + overboot (like one from Forty Below), and eventually a whoole inner sole as someone told me he once used for similar purpose.

    Does anyone has experience with such shoes combo with overboot? How practical and realistic it is? I know weather is not really that cold in Peru up in 6000, but bad weather can be very bad, so is the combo warm enough when things go serious?

    Second question: in your experience, how well do the double layer boots (like Phantom 6000 HD) in Alps conditions? Is it too warm? How hard can u climb with it?
    As an added detail, we don’t really plan to do hard climb in Peru.

    Thanks a lot in advance for the shared feedbacks.

    Best regards

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