Shifting days on the 24 Week training plan

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    I’ve just finished the transition period and started the base period this past Monday. Looking at the general layout of the plan I’m wondering about switching the days around a bit. If I were to swap the Steep Uphill workout (third day of the week) with the run/hike workout (sixth day of the week) it would allow me to get into the mountains for the uphill portion vs using a treadmill or box step ups. I’m just not sure how important it is to keep the exact days of the week for things and if it would be detrimental to the training.

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    Mariner_9 on #6389

    I think the idea is to ensure adequate recovery between workouts which of course depends on the type of workout – e.g. max strength or muscular endurance will require much longer recovery than Z1/Z2 aerobic training.

    Anonymous on #6394

    Mariner_9 is correct in general. But, you should adjust days in these plans to suit your schedule. We lay them out in a way that makes the most sense from a training perspective and from a scheduling stand point for most people from our experience. But there will always be special cases.


    langer318 on #6398

    Thanks Mariner and Scott. In the case of the two I’m thinking of swapping the workout times and intensity are similar the main difference appears to be the uphill portion vs a flat run. It would put two climbing days next to each other and make the week a little lopsided from an elevation gain perspective. My thinking is I’ll get more benefit out of it this way hiking uphill on real terrain vs on an incline treadmill at 20%. If the main concern is recovery time I’ll give it a try and see how it goes and watch my recovery.

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