Self massage balls – Lacrosse or YTU balls?

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    I’ve used both foam rollers and lacrosse balls for self massage with good success. I just started reading Jill Miller’s book “The Roll Model” and for the first pages it rather seems like it’s a commercial for her products …
    Has anyone used both lacrosse balls and the original Yoga Tune Up Balls? Is it worth to get the original even though they are ten times the price of lacrosse balls? Or do you feel that lacrosse balls work as good?



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    Zuko on #38130

    My Physical Therapist suggested lacrosse balls to me. I use one on my legs and it feels great. Highly recommend, pack of three at the sports store for $12.

    I have no experience with the YTU ones.

    Anonymous on #38131

    Maybe start with a lacrosse ball until they’re no longer painful. For me, that would be… never.

    Dane on #38133

    I’ve used both and prefer them to lacrosse balls. They’re a softer rubber which makes it easier to roll out areas where you’re right on the bone or in joints without getting too painful. Basically it’s like the difference between using a foam roller vs a PVC/metal pipe. Also the surface is a little stickier (think pencil eraser) which helps them stay in place on bare skin. I’m sure you could find a suitable substitute that’s cheaper if you dug around though because I don’t think there’s anything particularly special about the rubber they’re made out of.


    Anonymous on #38138

    +1 for YTU balls, though I’ve also found them to be pretty similar to racquetballs, if you want a lower cost option. I also really like the Trigger Point Therapy ball (they also make my favorite foam roller):

    The ball is solid so it has great rebound, but it’s not as hard as a lacrosse ball.

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