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    I bought the TFTNA book and workbook. Would it be handy to add all my workouts to Garmin connect or TP? Like everybody else, I have a busy schedule and would prefer to enter as many workouts as possible in my agenda so it’s easier to stick to them. Also just to be able to keep track of my progress it would probably be handy to enter the workouts somewhere in one of those apps…?
    They both have the options, but Garmin Connect doesn’t even recognize most of the Killer Core Strength workouts so I can’t add them there, does TP have an option to enter the details of strength workouts? I have added a few runs (transition period zone 1, zone 2, and long zone 1 workouts), but I can’t really figure out how to add the strength workouts there.

    Thanks for any tips!

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    david2 on #13389

    I can’t find where I can edit or delete my comment, so I’ll just post a shorter version in as a reply.

    How do you guys enter your training plan en workout details in TP or Garmin? Especially concerning strength workouts (Scott’s killer core workout for example).

    Reed on #13397

    Hi David,

    Here’s what I’ve found to be useful:

    • Set up TrainingPeaks with appropriate running heart rate zone numbers
    • Plan workouts in TrainingPeaks. If you specify the time, you can display your workouts in Google Calendar pretty easily
    • Track workouts on a Garmin watch (I’ve been using the Forerunner 235, usually with a heart rate strap)
    • Garmin watch -> syncs to Garmin Connect on my phone -> syncs to Garmin’s service -> syncs to TrainingPeaks. One-time setup, the you’re good to go
    • Manually adjust the TSS numbers for strength workouts. From Scott J., “For the TftNA general strength and core workout [use] a TSS of 50-70/hour. For the TftNA Max Strength with core warm up [use] a TSS of 80-90/hour.” [0]



    david2 on #13403

    Thanks Reed for taking the time to write that! I read the information in the forum link as well.

    So does that mean there is no need to write down and plan every single exercise specifically (1min situps, 1min plank, 15 pushups, stuff like that)?

    Also, does any of you use strava (Premium), TP and Garmin? Or would strava just be overkill? I have strava premium, but not sure if I need the paid version if I’m using TP + Garmin.

    Thanks! Have a wonderful day!

    Reed on #13404

    Hi David,

    Experiment with different approaches, and see what you find to be most valuable. Simple is good. Tracking is useful. No need to over-engineer it at the outset. 🙂

    For tracking running, rowing, etc. (hours & heart rate based), Garmin+TrainingPeaks works great for me. For strength training and other metrics (aerobic threshold tests / zone assessments), I have a Google spreadsheet that goes back many years. A simple notebook also works fine.

    It’s been helpful to be able to see trends on a day-to-day / week-to-week basis, as well as to look back over a month / season / year, and adjust plans for the future.


    Colin Simon on #13407

    I didn’t want to pay for TP, but I eventually succumbed because of how good it is at tracking and planning your workouts, and now I’m hooked. I think the kicker for me was the fact that not only do the uphill athlete coaches require athletes to interact with them through TP, but that all reputable endurance coaches in my area(Boulder) also swear by it.

    Luckily the free version of Strava already provides its most important quality, which is tracking your friends’ times so you can beat them and talk shit.

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