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    As discussed in a previous thread I am recovering from a major accident. While I was recovering I did quite a bit of upper body strength since I wasn’t able to do much on my legs yet. I did a 8 weeks of hypertrophy/circuit training (always been thin and thought the break from aerobic activity would be a good chance to make some gains for climbing, went from 150# to 155#) then 8 weeks of MS. I am now doing upper body MS once per week and ME at the rock gym once per week.

    Meanwhile my leg circuit has gotten really intense as I have recovered. My PT has me do 3x 20 min circuit 3x/week (3 60 min workouts including plyos, challenging leg strength and core). I am also biking and walking to recover my aerobic capacity.

    My current schedule is…
    Monday- AM upper body MS, PM PT leg circuit
    Tuesday- AM/PM aerobic
    Wednesday- AM aerobic, PM PT leg circuit
    Thursday- AM ME at rock gym, PM aerobic
    Friday- AM aerobic, PM PT leg circuit
    Saturday/Sunday- aerobic as tolerated to round out week

    For the last 3 weeks my body has handled this okay but I feel like the volume of intense work is as high as it will go. For this reason I’m curious if you would structure the 3 leg workouts and 2 arm workouts differently during the week to maximize benefit and recovery?

    Thanks, Sam

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    Good to hear of your progress. Sounds exciting. With the intensity of those leg circuits I think you need more recovery time. I’d suggest 72 hours between them. I think that’ll help the over all work load be more tolerable long term.


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