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    Hey all, anyone else running with a chest port? I’m running into issues with the line rubbing on my collarbone if I’m wearing a pack. Curious if anyone has figured out some cool workarounds to shield the line.

    Cleared to train, all that good stuff. But don’t want to stress the vein. I’ve changed up vests and packs a bunch but everything seems to hit it.

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #76641

    Hi Sophie!

    Great that you are cleared to train again:-)
    What about using something you wear only around your waist?
    What do your docs say about possibility of removing the port?


    SophieS on #76660

    Hey Thomas, thanks yeah the waist is a good point and maybe the best bet. I tried a pad on it but that didn’t really relieve the pressure. Port is in, sadly, for at least another year, so it’s worth finding a workable solution. I figured there’s likely folks who have solved this before me.

    hafjell on #78369

    Sorry to be late to this. From experience, you’ll want to baby the port as much as possible. I would experiment with different packs and chest straps including modifications and / or cutting existing chest straps. Maybe aftermarket chest straps exist? Maybe you cut straps lengthwise (I realize this devalues the pack and likely decreases longevity.) Or just quit using chest straps.
    I would also second belts, and waist packs. Tie clothing around your waist or sash-style over free shoulder. USe the pockets in the jackets for storage.
    It sounds like you have a line inserted into the port? Be careful of clotting and infection. A year is a long time but it’s not forever. I would prioritize clot avoidance over sticking to a training plan. If we are talking about the same style of “port,” replacement would involve two surgeries–one for removal and another for inserting a new one on the other side.
    Good luck.

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