Runalyze does now provide Pa:Hr as well :-)

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    Hi guys,

    Just for your info: free does now provide Pa:Hr analysis as well 🙂

    Now the “bad” news: they have currently problems with the Garmin API (probably due to the Garmin hack), so no syncing with Garmin devices atm.

    I love their service and use it for tracking. What is still missing is a breakdown of time distribution in respective HR zones, but I put it on their backlog.

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    juskojj on #44491

    can’t figure it out, can you help?

    DaveB on #44544

    I’m happy to see Runalyze adopt the Pa:Hr metric!

    FWIW, you can manually upload workouts to Runalyze. It seems to sync most workouts automatically from Garmin for me, but missed a bike ride yesterday that I had to upload as a .tcx from Garmin manually.

    nguyeoangphuongnhung121 on #44608

    can you help?

    sbr on #48469

    I’m also using Runalyze to analyze my workouts.
    I’ve noticed that Runalyze and TP give different numbers for PA:HR. While for most workouts the difference is <1% I also had some workouts where there was several percent difference.

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