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    Natalie Keoleian

    Hi! Apologies if this was discussed on the call (I had to drop early), but what is RPE? I see the aerobic days list varying ranges of RPE during Warm Up, Active, and Cool Down, but am not sure how to apply that to training. Thanks!

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    Great question, we actually didn’t go over it. RPE means Rate of Perceived Excursion/Effort. Don’t stress about the RPE too much, Training Peaks likes to throw that in. The biggest thing to focus on in all of this training is keeping your HR below your Aerobic Threshold for all of the aerobic workouts.

    I hope that helps!

    hdrop on #61987

    @Maya- I think this is a related question so asking here.

    In the Aerobic workouts there is a TSS level listed. I have noticed that once completed, my actual TSS level is higher than what is ‘prescribed’. Should I ignore and just focus on HR?

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    You can ignore the TSS that is prescribed. It is just a guesstimate I used when programming the plans. Focus on your HR!!! We will go over TSS more at a future time 🙂

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