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    So my training regimen has aggregated my knee with what I think is illiotibial band syndrome. I therefore need to reduce the volume of running, especially in the hills, which is very frustrating. Anyway, I want to add some low impact cardio to continue building climbing endurance. I will use the stairmaster predominantly but I want to add variety to my training to help reduce this overuse injury. I was wondering if anyone has experience with rowing as compared to an elliptical or a stationary bike. It seems this would be a low impact, total body muscular endurance workout that could be beneficial as I recover. Any thought? Thanks so much!

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    Anonymous on #6070

    You should be actively treating your ITB Syndrome or it will reoccur. ITBS, which usually presents as knee pain is the result of an over tight IT band which insets just below the knee cap on the tibia. This is one of the most common running injuries and luckily also one of the easiest to treat. Read this article: and get your self a ball to roll on. I personally like the Rogue ball best for IT bands. I’ve prescribed this treatment to dozens of folks with ITBS and it has proven effective in all the cases I know of. It’s going to hurt to roll on the overly taught sinew. The more it hurts the more you need to be doing it. There are plenty of good IT band stretches if you Google them. Combine stretching with rolling at least 2x/day for 10-15min. You should get some relief pretty quickly. In the mean time avoid activities that flare this up. Replace running with foot borne (rather than seated rowing) activities like steep treadmill walking and stairs if you can do them pain free.

    The whole body muscular endurance work is a good idea but it accomplishes a different training effect than the low intensity aerobic work or longer runs in Z1-2. So ME is a supplement to and not a replacement for aerobic base building.


    David Versteeg on #76796

    I am wondering – if you do a long rowing workout (60-90 minutes) at a low heart rate, in Z2 – would that not build aerobic base capacity?

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