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    if you can row in zone 2 is this as effective as stair stepping or treadmill or running for cardio?

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    TLoftus on #72526

    Look up the following short article, it will shed some light on your question.

    “Don’t Call It Cardio,” AEROBIC TRAINING, Scott JohnstonJune 13, 2017Updated:June 13, 2022

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    PaulB on #72531

    If you are doing weight-bearing activities (skiing, mountain running, mountaineering, etc.) then the weight-bearing training (stair stepping, treadmill, running) will be more effective because you will be working the muscles that keep you standing upright and support your weight. Rowing can give a great aerobic workout and good quad strength but you are sitting during the exercise. But, rowing can be a great recovery exercise, especially if you set low drag on the machine, because it’s low impact and gives your legs a high range of motion.

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