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    Bryan McGurn

    Hey Guys,

    I’m wondering if anyone has experience/recommendations with regard to rollerskis for off-season skimo training. I have a flat, compacted gravel rail trail right behind my house which runs for miles, so I’m considering an off-road, classic rollerski. I’ve attached a pic of the trail that I’d mostly use them on for reference. I could also definitely head out to some steeper uphills, but those would be more like a jeep road (dirt & gravel).

    Any specifics on brands/models would be greatly appreciated.


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    Anonymous on #51541

    I’ve never used gravel versions, but roller ski training, in general, is great for skimo. If you can glide a roller ski, you can glide a skimo ski.

    Separate from learning to glide a ski, the challenge is finding steep roads to train on and, if found, getting back down. I used to use three bikes and a vehicle as shuttles. (The thought of going down steep roads on brakeless roller skis is terrifying.)

    Bryan McGurn on #51544

    Thanks Scott. So, do you think it could be worthwhile to get a set of classic roller skis for technique training (and general fitness) on a flat rail trail and then use the other dryland techniques (striding, bounding, etc.) for uphill?

    In other words, is using roller skis on steep uphills the only worthwhile way to use them for skimo training in your opinion?


    Anonymous on #53336

    Sorry for the delay…

    In addition to using them uphill, flat roller skiing will do wonders for learning how to glide a ski. If you can glide a roller ski, then gliding a skimo ski will be easy in comparison.

    It’s kind of like dodging a wrench (SFW).

    Bryan McGurn on #53340

    Hilarious! Thanks…

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