Rollerski in treadmill

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    Hello evertbody!!

    Has anyone used a treadmill with rollerski? what treadmill is it? Is the indoor training most similar to skimo?

    Thank you

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    Dada on #41075

    Your treadmill needs to be very wide to be able to use poles.

    Anonymous on #41082

    I’ve tried roller skis on a treadmill. I didn’t get very far, but I’m also not that good only roller skis. I only gave it one try and learned pretty quickly that it was over my head.

    I’ve also tried skimo race skis, but skins have way too much drag. And skinless skis slip when the grade of the treadmill gets steep. In the end, I went back to running shoes.

    For treadmill width, my treadmill is 22″, and it’s plenty wide enough to use with poles. A narrow treadmill will also be good practice to avoid “A-framing” your poles. You get less pole power if your hands drift in and your pole tips drift out. Missing the belt is a good indication of that.

    chiquetetekik on #41093

    And is the length of the treadmill enough to to use the poles correctly by stretching the arm back?
    I’ve looking Nordictrack x7, but the problem it’s not plegable… is it enougth 15% to train? Are the Proform treadmills a good opción?

    Anonymous on #41121

    For proper classic ski technique, the treadmill bed may be too short. (But I’m not an XC skier by training, so I don’t know for sure.) For running and hiking, however, the bed is long enough.

    What does “plegable” mean?

    is it enough 15% to train?

    To train for what? For most mountain sports, 15% is fine. More would be better if training for mountaineering ski mountaineering or steep races, but 15% is the most common.

    Are the Proform treadmills a good opción?

    I’m not familiar with ProForm. NordicTrack incline trainers go very steep, but their speeds are very inaccurate (faster than the display as the angle increases). Speeds on a FreeMotion (basically a higher-end NordicTrack) are accurate. Woodway is ideal because speeds are accurate and they have very few useless bells and whistles (like tablet holders and TV screens).

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