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    Hi All! I am just into my first week of the 24 week mountaineering plan as I prep for Aconcagua next year (I’m also climbing Grand Teton in August). I’m starting early so that I can extend my training, and enjoying the plan so far. I really enjoy rock climbing (outside) on the weekends and am wondering how to factor in a day of climbing with the plan as it is structured? I am not trying to push grades, and am just looking to be able to do something that brings me a lot of joy while also following through on the training plan – but I also don’t want to overtrain. I realize that the type of movement and aerobic output for a day of climbing is different from completing an AeT training session so, what do you recommend? Should I both climb and do the regular AeT training session in a given day? Swap them out for one another? Another alternative? If it is helpful, I live in NYC (so training to go from sea level to altitude). Thank you all in advance!

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    MarkPostle on #65389

    Everyones a bit different but for most of my coached athletes that are trying to combine aerobic training with technical climbing they’re are able to combine both in a given week fairly easily. Cragging/gym climbing etc has a pretty low recovery drain compared with high volume aerobic training so you can do them both. For folks that are weekend driven I will commonly prescribe a shorter aerobic session on Sat AM along with cragging in the afternoon, a long aerobic day on Sunday, restday Monday. This seems to yield good results without over training. As you mention its not realistic to progress abilities in both areas at once for most folks so just getting out and enjoying the climbing without being super goal oriented while you’re trying to progress the aerobic fitness makes a lot of sense.

    RachelF on #65535

    Thank you, this is super helpful! Really appreciate the response.

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