Rests and the calculation of TSS in TrainingPeaks

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    I train for hiking and general mountaineering. When doing long hikes, I have a rest now and then. To record those rests, I press the lap-button of my watch and differntiate between active and passive laps. How should I deal with those rests/breaks during a multi-hour hike regarding the calculation of the TSS in TrainingPeaks? Let’s assume I do a 10-hours hike (time without rests) and have a rest of 20 minutes every 2 hours. Is it correct to sum up the TSS-scores of the active time/laps and take that value or isn’t it better to subtract a certain value from that (how much?), because if I had done the whole hike without any breaks, it would have been much more exhausting. If you don’t use active/passive laps but simply press the pause-button for the duration of a rest, the general problem would of course be the same. How do you deal with that?

    Thanks for helping and kind regards from Munich

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    For something that long, it doesn’t really matter. The TSS will be close enough either way. It’s not a super precise metric to start with.

    If the hike would be more fatiguing without the rests, then I think you’re going too hard during your active intervals.

    Have you done an aerobic threshold drift test to determine the intensity you should be doing these hikes at?

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