Rest Days & Active Recovery

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    Do folks consider exceptionally low intensity activities like a 2×30 min bike commute as a good thing for Rest Days ?

    I find a day doing no activity leaves my legs and muscles tighter and my mental state less rested than after a day that includes 30 min rides to / from work (virtual bike rides these days 🙂 ).

    I also like to add in some restorative yoga and roll ball massage late in the day.

    I’ve also seen reference to doing core workouts on rest days – but will that create a training stimulus and be counter productive ?

    – Garret

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    Anonymous on #43134

    If they are truly low intensity, then it makes sense that they’ll help. It’s not universal, but it is common to feel a little sluggish with full-on rest.

    Core also shouldn’t be a problem.

    rich.b on #43145

    Garret, I would second your preference to do an easy ride as a rest day – although I prefer to label it active recovery. I have always found it helpful to get some low-intensity, non-impact movement to loosen up a bit.
    [That said, no matter my injury or recovery needs I have to get in an early morning 30-min bikejoring session for my dog’s training.]

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