Resetting AeT?

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    I did a AeT test in December and repeated the test today after 8 weeks into the base period.

    December result was 145bpm with a 4% Pa:HR drift. I set 145 as my AeT then.
    Today I was targeting 145 again and ended up with 146 and 0.5% Pa:HR at a slightly faster pace. So probably a little bit of improvement which was nice to see.

    My question is, should I keep my AeT at 145, increase it to maybe 148 because Pa:HR was quite low or do I have to repeat the test at a slightly higher HR.


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    Rachel on #50814

    Scott Semple likes to talk about AeT in “buckets” of about 5 bpm, because we can’t really be so precise with it down to one beat.

    So perhaps set your AeT to 150, and test again with that target if you like, or just train with it until your next test. And this is your average starting HR right? (vs the average for the whole session).

    sbr on #50849

    Thanks Rachel.
    I used the average over the first km as the “starting” heart rate.

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