Repeating Aerobic Threshold Test

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    Hi Guys,

    I brought the 24 week and did the Zone 1 & 2 Test. I am about 6 weeks in and love the fact that I am getting fitter and stronger without repeating my previous mistakes of totally fatiguing myself and then needing extra recovery days because I overdid it. My question is as I move through the weeks, I am assuming my Zone 1 & 2 numbers will change. How often would you recommend repeating the Aerobic Threshold Test throughout the programme if at all?

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    Anonymous on #15393

    Sorry for the slow reply. You can repeat this low intensity test anytime you want because it is a fairly easy effort. Probably best to do it about every 4-6 weeks to see some gains.


    nasirkhamlichi1 on #15407

    Hey Scott, Thank you for the reply -Its really helpful! I cant rate the programme enough – I just did my morning recovery run keeping a strict heart rate well below my Aerobic heart rate, at nearly the same pace that was putting me in Zones 3/4 runs earlier in the year! My total volume has dropped overall and i have way more in the tank! Great Book/Great Programme!!

    NandaDevi on #17304

    Hi Scott,
    In case I want to repeat this test, is the AeT the average heart rate for the first half of the 1 hour test (assuming the heart rate drift stays within 5% between the first vs second half).

    NandaDevi on #17316

    Scott, please ignore my question – I’m seeing a lot of your responses from other threads in the forum, so I get the idea.

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