Relationship between aerobic HR and work/fitness

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    Chris Finley

    Starting the new season off with a basic question.

    What is the relationship between aerobic heart rate and work output as fitness improves? My AeT heart rate seems reasonable, but I know my work output is pretty low. My hill climbing time (and running speed) is pretty bad.

    Will the AeT HR stay the same, but the work output improve?
    I could see the HR actually dropping if heart stroke volume and blood volume increase or the movement becomes more efficient. However, I could also see the HR increasing too if muscles require more oxygen and energy.

    Does AeT HR actually tell you anything about fitness?

    Much appreciation for your insights.

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    pedro on #75184

    Hi chris,

    It is difficult to answer the question because it would need more information about you to more correctly do it. In resume, as your training ramps up , your aET tends to be higher, closer to the Ant , your work capacity at a aerobic level is bigger. Having a good aerobic capacity its not enough to produce work , your local muscular endurance needs to be good.



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