Regional groups for training and fun

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    Jennifer Louie

    Post a link to your regional group to meet other folks for training and fun. šŸ™‚

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    Jennifer Louie on #75043

    Seattle Area Female Uphill Athletes –

    I was in Female Uphill Athlete in a prior cohort and started a Facebook group for the female uphill athletes in the Seattle area so we could do those slow zone 2 trainings together, so feel free to join if you live close by: And post something if you need company!

    Juliana Tenenbaum on #75090

    Hey Jennifer- I’m in the bay area and would love to get together with some locals- that said I’ll be up by you shortly, maybe we could get a hike in?

    Jennifer Louie on #75101

    Hi Juliana,

    Definitely! It sounds like there are several of us in the Seattle area. DM me on Whatsapp and let’s try to get everyone together for a hike!

    Hope to see you soon!

    Denisa Ronzani on #75210

    Denisa here…I am located in the Colorado front range (Evergreen). Anyone else from the same area interested in hiking 13ers or 14ers for the long training days?

    Paula Kim on #75270

    Does anyone know if there is a Uphill Athlete regional group for Los Angeles, California?

    Juliana Tenenbaum on #75352

    Hey! I’m in the Bay area but I’d love to come hang out and make an attempt on Baker or SHukshan or Rainier. If not, I’m happy to just hike.

    Juliana Tenenbaum on #75353

    I’m in the Bay Area- totally down to do a big mountain with someone or just got for hikes or jogs!

    Suzanne Hackett on #75387

    Hi there. Does anybody know if there is already a Europe based FUA group? If not, who out there would be interested in having one? I move around quite a bit but will be mostly based in the French Alps on the Swiss/French border from next week – near Annecy and about 1.5 hours from Chamonix. Iā€™m very happy to travel to meet for adventures šŸ™‚

    Jennifer Louie on #75404

    Hi Juliana,

    None of those peaks are currently are on my summer to-do list unfortunately, but I may change my mind later. šŸ™‚ Probably the best place to find potential partners in the area for those peaks is the Facebook group called “PNW Women’s Technical Climbing” ( They’re a really friendly, approachable group of folks who are always planning various trips and posting information on trip they’ve gone on.

    Maybe you already know this information – Baker is pretty easy to do last-minute since there are no permits required, but for most folks they will need an overnight permit for Shuksan and Rainier depending on what route you do. Of course, doing the climb in one single push is the easiest logistically. šŸ™‚ Let me know if need any beta or info since I’ve climbed many of the easiest routes on those three peaks.


    Amanda Faith on #75420

    Here is a Facebook group I started for those of us in Colorado!

    Theresa Moehrle on #76519

    Hi there,
    I just signed up for the next 12-weeks program starting in May, already super excited about it!
    I am located in Munich, Germany, happy to train / workout / go on adventures / prepare for the next program together šŸ™‚

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