Regional groups for training and fun

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    Jennifer Louie

    Post a link to your regional group to meet other folks for training and fun. 🙂

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    Jennifer Louie on #75043

    Seattle Area Female Uphill Athletes –

    I was in Female Uphill Athlete in a prior cohort and started a Facebook group for the female uphill athletes in the Seattle area so we could do those slow zone 2 trainings together, so feel free to join if you live close by: And post something if you need company!

    Juliana Tenenbaum on #75090

    Hey Jennifer- I’m in the bay area and would love to get together with some locals- that said I’ll be up by you shortly, maybe we could get a hike in?

    Jennifer Louie on #75101

    Hi Juliana,

    Definitely! It sounds like there are several of us in the Seattle area. DM me on Whatsapp and let’s try to get everyone together for a hike!

    Hope to see you soon!

    Denisa Ronzani on #75210

    Denisa here…I am located in the Colorado front range (Evergreen). Anyone else from the same area interested in hiking 13ers or 14ers for the long training days?

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