Regarding the article: When and How to Add High-Intensity Training

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    I want to understand to which category belong the workouts described in the above mentioned article from UA site. When I compare them to the workouts described in the training plans they are shorter than ME workouts (weighted hill climbs), but longer than max strength workouts (hill sprints).
    If we speak about periodisation, in which period of the training program should we place them?

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    jakedev on #54593

    From what I understand I think the Z4 intervals come just after the ME phase to get the most benefit. Probably want to do some Z3 intervals during your ME phase, within reason. Will look in the book later to confirm.


    Anonymous on #55324

    Yes, @jekdev is correct. It depends on the sport, but Z3/4 is best done within the last 4-6 weeks before a goal event.

    Andrey on #55331

    Thank you both! It became clear now.

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