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    I’m in Week 3 of the 24 week Plan. Each week has a recovery run (30 to 45 minutes). The description says these should be done about 15 beats below AeT. My AeT is 154, so that would make it around 139 or so (which is high Zone 1, almost touching Zone 2). However, TFTUA says Recovery runs should be at least 20% below AeT, which would make it around 124 for me (table on page 85).

    Should the weekly Recovery runs be done in high Zone 1 (about 15 bpm below AeT) or lower (20% below AeT)? Thanks in advance!

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    Anonymous on #49359

    As long as they are (genuinely) super easy and make you feel better after than before, that’s close enough. One day that could mean Zone 1 and on another day, Zone 0.

    mzkarim on #49373

    That works, thanks!!!

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