Recovery from Pneumonia

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    I’ll keep it short. Due to some embarrassingly unintentional Level 3 AeT training and unexpected work and family stress, Dr. confirmed the presence of Pneumonia in a chest X-ray on Tuesday. I’m now a 5 day course of antibiotics and steroids. Have an 8 day trip to the Pickets planned in 6 weeks. I am worried about recovery and how to know if my lungs are still too tender in July. Don’t want to get in there and have a relapse.

    I asked my Dr. about when I would be able to start training again and he said, “you should be feeling better in a couple of days, just take it easy and you’ll be fine”. Everything else I’ve read indicates a high risk of reoccurrence if I push. I’d really like to avoid that.

    45 Y.O. Male, hiking, climbing, skiing and training since 1998, no health/medical problems, good strength, ok endurance, solid base at least. Last few years have migrated to a stressful, sedentary job, still training/playing 5-10 hours per week.

    I have read that limiting myself to strength training might be smarter than trying to run. Thinking an overnight backpack trip in early July might be a good way to test the lungs and strength. Any advice appreciated.

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    Coming back from pneumonia is challenging. The antibiotics will make you feel better fast but your lungs will be sensitive. Strength training should be OK once done with the meds. Start also some easy walks at low HR. These will act as maintenance for the aerobic work you’ve done so far. They will also allow you to feel your way back to more vigorous aerobic workouts. I suspect you can gradually get back into running and hiking within 2 weeks of finishing meds.

    Good luck,

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