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    I’m preparing for the NOLS Denali expedition and looking at taking a powder recovery drink as my luxury item. From what I have read a 3-1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein taking within 30 minutes of stopping would be appropriate.
    My plan would be to make a Drink on the last break of the day and when you make camp have a drink prepared before chores start.
    Any recommendation would be appreciated.

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    madanyang on #39278

    I have previously used PowerBar Recovery Protein Powder. I thought I was recovering quite well until I tried Gu Roctane Protein Recovery Drink Mix. The latter had a profound effect on recovery. Though I don’t use any other Gu products, as I don’t like the taste the Gu recovery Chocolate Smoothie is an exception. Maybe my endurance increased hence the recovery was better or it was really the change of the recovery drink helped I can’t say it for sure. Best option would probably be to try various products and decide for yourself.

    Hope it helps

    Rebecca Dent on #39390

    Hi Climbgoon,

    Thanks for your question. A 3:1 recovery powder refers to 3 parts carbohydrate to 1 part protein as a result of recommendations from several research papers that looked into the optimal nutrition strategy for recovery post exercise to help achieve both strength gains and muscle mass gains and replenish carbohydrate stores.

    Taking this drink whilst on an expedition will potentially be playing a different role as to taking this drink after a training session back home. Firstly I would recommend the higher in calorie one you can get the better, muscle mass loss during an expedition can be as a result in one or several of these; insufficient calorie intake, less active than when training and more sitting around acclimatising, plus also reduced protein intakes.

    The timing of when you propose to take this drink is good at two different time points ensuring protein intake is spread thus further supporting muscle mass recovery/attenuating muscle mass loss.

    Drinks choices are quite individual and depend on the taste and your preference. Trial different brands such as Gu, power bar, myprotein, optimum nutrition, hammer nutrition, high 5, Maxi muscle (these are more of the well known brands, others may have some good suggestions of good brands within your location). Perhaps test them out before you go and during one of your big days out, taste preferences change during physical exertion.

    Hope that answers your question?

    Rebecca Uphill Athlete Dietitian

    Jan on #39408

    Probably the cheapest option: Buy maltodextrin and whey protein from Myprotein and mix one scoop of maltodextrin with half a scoop of protein. Both is available without flavors, which I like.

    climbgoon on #39443

    Thanks for the replies , Im trying out “Hammer Recoverite” .Its only 150 calories for a drink? so adding a quick snack would help.As much as I love chocolate, Im trying the strawberry flavor as that sounds more refreshing. As you pointed out one of the big differences between post workout and expedition is at the end of a workout you have time to chill where on the expedition the work starts setting up camp, and performing self care to get ready for the next day. Thanks Barry O

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