Recovery; ACL, Torn Meniscus, Cartilage Replacement

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    I had surgery February 14. Today is first day off of crutches :). Doing well with PT in terms of firing muscles and range of motion. I’m at 92d bending knee and -2d straightening knee so ok for 6 weeks. ROCK CLIMBING season is coming up; what type of fitness in addition to my PT should I emphasize at this stage of recovery? Cardio?, Hand strength?, Weight Lifting and Core work? I am 64, usually fit but in terrible shape currently and retired. I have access to just about everything fitness wise. I sure appreciate any tips ! I was leading 5.10a/b last fall and my goals are to get after some moderate walls next fall in Yosemite.

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #76706


    It depends on what the surgical procedures were. What kind of cartilage replacement? How was the meniscus treated?
    At this stage you still have to be careful. Of course you can do every training that’s not involving the knee. If you are cleared for cycling I would gently increase that aus cardio.
    Most important: follow your surgeons advise!

    Hope that helps a little!?

    Gute Besserung!

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