Recommended BSU speed for the BIG VERT ME training

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    I’m struggling with doing 20 BSU in 30s like the runners ME training in the BIG VERT training plan calls for.
    The 15-20s for 20 SJS feels reasonable but I can’t even get close to 30s for the 20 BSU. More like 45-50s for 20 BSU. Anything faster than that and I can’t do them strict any more.
    So, are you guys actually managing 20 BSU in 30s? Anyone with a video of that so I can see what it’s supposed to look like? 🙂

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    Josh Gray on #40813

    I could be doing them wrong, but I don’t pay attention to time during the work, just during the rest period.

    Brett on #40814

    My sets are definitely closer to 45s, especially once considerable weight is added. I always make sure my form is perfect on these, so go as slow as needed to keep good form.

    Sweeler on #40827

    My understanding is to REST 30 seconds between rounds. The actual work of doing BSU shouldn’t be hurried.

    Dada on #40832

    What’s BSU and SJS?

    Brett on #40839

    BSU = Box Step Ups
    SJS = Split Jump Squats

    Andreas on #40843

    Thanks for the info guys.
    I’ve been experimenting a little to see if I can speed things up bit but it feels like I’m getting a better workout by slowing down and maintaining my form. So I’ll continue with my slower repetition rate.

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