Ratio of Zone 1-2 to 3-4 workout

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    Hi! I asked about ski touring with friends in zone 3-4, and Carolyn suggested that I should have a lot of zone 1-2 to sort of compensate for it. Can you suggest a rule of thumb, ex. 4 hours of Zone 1-2 for every hour of zone 3-4 per week?

    Thank you!

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    For an endurance athlete when looking at overall training volume we want 80% of your training to be in zones 1 & 2. The remaining 20% is comprised of approx 10% zone 3, 5% zone 4 and 5% of overall time doing strength sessions/ME sessions etc. This is an average we see over a long period of time so cumulative data for 6 months to a year and you’d see this sort of trend. And a few percentage points of adjustments up or down in any category is more than fine for a recreational athlete. I hope this helps ( :

    samanthadcook on #62031

    Super helpful, thank you! Gives me an idea of just how big that ratio is!

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