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    Hi there,

    I purchased the 16 week big mountain training plan for a July climb up rainier. I am struggling with what to do now. Should I have purchased the 24 week? Or do you offer a base training plan? I am currently lifting and trail running and snowshoeing but would like a more structured plan. Thanks!


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    viyat on #62620

    I’m in a similar situation but with the 24 week plan and a earlier objective in mind. In your case, you should be able to extend the plan to add a couple of weeks of base training (usually first 8 weeks in the longer plan but shortened for the 16 week one) and add one/two weeks of max strength.

    ppeddi on #62629

    Reach out to Scott and exchange you plan for 24 wk plan. I initially bought 16 wk plan but after communicating with Scott I realized I needed 24wk plan for Mt Rainer. I am signed up for Mt Rainer in may with IMG and I am on my transition week 7 . Do you girls have an suggestions for me as for recovery drink after the long session ( 2.5-3hrs). I felt I bonked yesterday at 2.5 hrs on Stairmaster. I do all of my training in fasted taste but realizing I to need to eat for my max strength that’s approaching next week and for my Z3 . At this point I am mixing up my AeT sessions. I trail running/micro spike once a week and use Stairmaster for hike on hilly terrain and use 18% on Treadmill for my the other and slow run for recovery. I do plan on stair climbing for steep uphill hike in base period and use heavy pack for Z3. There are not even hills around where I live. Let me know what you girls are doing.

    Henryhampton on #62632

    I think it depends Tricia.. sounds like your pretty active, on the aerobic end at that. Honestly… 24 weeks is overkill. I used it for Denali and it was spot on but I think 16 weeks is right there. Keep doing what your doing then plug it in

    jtjarrett2003 on #62646

    Thanks for the replies. I reached out to see about possibly trading out or if they have any ideas? Another thought I had is that maybe the first 8 weeks is already planned as base building and maybe I repeat that? Just trying to figure something out.

    ppeddi on #62654

    I can’t remember for sure but in one of the forms Scott talks about repeating base period.

    Anonymous on #62668


    Thanks for writing in about this. I always recommend using the longest plan you have time for. There is not such thing as being too fit.

    Write an email explaining your desire to swap plans to coach@uphillathlete.com and Shashi will be able to get this done right away.


    jtjarrett2003 on #62674

    Thanks Scott! I sent an email in and will wait for a reply. Excited to get going on my training!

    LindsayTroy on #63357


    While I’m not a coach, I think you really shouldn’t be doing strength work fasted. Its a different training modality and eating before and after a strength workout is essential to get the most out of it. You aren’t training fat adaptivity in a max strength workout.

    Also, chocolate milk is a really good recovery drink if you can do dairy, or a 2:1 carbs to protein ratio thats relatively low in fat if you don’t.

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