Questions on the Workouts in the Alpinism Training Plan

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    Hi Everyone,

    I’m Leo from Switzerland and new to organized training. I hope this will help me get up some nice rock climbs in the Alps!

    I am now in week three of the 8-week-rock alpinist plan and have a few questions on the workouts. Probably they are not as important but as a start into training with a plan I really want to follow the instructions to be able to track the results and move forward from there in May and June.

    So here goes…

    1. “Walk for Vertical Meters”:
    In this workout I am carrying a huge water bladder from my home up a hill. After around 40 min I reach the crest of the hill and can no longer walk uphill. What should I do? I could go down and refill but won’t know the weight anymore. I could go down with the heavy pack but this will tire my legs a lot so Krater would not… I could continue flat for a while…
    Also is the duration (60 min) uphill only or does it include getting back down, warm up and so? If I should work out in two splits: better do 40min + 20min or 30min + 30 min or 4x 15min? There of course would be a break to get down again…

    2. Max Strength Workout:

    The description is ver unclear to me… so I’ll quote a bit and then ask my question on the section.

    “[…] Pick the 4 most difficult (for you) core exercises from the attached list. Do each of these for 10 seconds or to max reps of 4-6 (per side if applicable).
    Go through that circuit twice.”

    -> is there a break between circuits or not?

    “You should be able to increase the weights by 5-10% over last week.”

    -> Does this refer to the complete load including bodyweight? So like first week: 75kg bodyweight; Second week: 82.5kg = bodyweight + 7.5kg added load?

    „3) Pull-ups/Box Step up couplet.
    For the Pull-ups hang a weight off your climbing harness. For the Box Step Up, either use hand-held weights (the fastest) or put the weight in a backpack.
    If you can’t complete this many sets/reps of any one exercise (most likely pull-ups) then complete what you can without going to muscular failure.
    You want to move quickly between the two exercises, maximum of 30 seconds rest between your pull-ups and box step ups. This helps elicit a cardio-training effect. It won’t be easy.
    2 x 4 reps.“

    -> Does this mean 4 pull ups + 2 box step ups with right leg + 2 box step ups with left leg in total or 4 pull ups, 4 step ups leg A, 4 pull ups + 4 box step ups leg B or something else = 8 Pull ups + 8 Box steps? Or even 8 Pull ups +16 box steps in total?

    Also: Is there a break between the warm up, block one with the core exercises and block three (first pair of exercises) and four (2nd pair)?

    3. Stretching
    There are quite a few „optional“ stretching workouts. I think I want to include them after some other workout so I am already warm because, like most climbers, I could use a bit more flexibility and range of motion. Do you have any advice on what stretches to do and how to do them?

    Thanks for your help everyone!

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    AlwaysHigher on #77323

    Hey Leo! Here are my responses to your questions:

    “Walk for Vertical Meters”: You can continue walking on flat ground for the remaining time if you can’t go uphill anymore. The duration of 60 minutes includes warm-up and cool-down time, but not the time it takes to get back down. You can split the workout in different ways.

    Max Strength Workout: There should be a short break between circuits, and the increase in weight refers to any external weight you add, not including bodyweight.

    Pull-ups/Box Step up couplet: The workout should consist of 4 pull-ups followed by 8 box step ups (4 with each leg), repeated for 2 circuits. There should be a short break between exercises, but no break between warm-up, block one (core exercises), and blocks three and four.

    Stretching: Focus on stretches that target the hips, hamstrings, and shoulders, and hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds.

    Good luck with your training!

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