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    Jane Mackay

    Just watched the 7th Dec Zoom and it was excellent. Even after three rounds of this group, I learnt even more about how to use Training Peaks better, esp. regarding monitoring the CTL and Form numbers. And I did NOT know about that altitude adjustment!

    I have a couple of questions for the final Zoom next Tues.

    1. Carolyn, you mentioned you bumped up the TSS in your example workout a bit further because you were at altitude. For this purpose, what do you define as “at altitude”?. Is it relative to your everyday altitude? For example, most of the time I live at 600m or above, and then I go up from there.

    2. Regarding using enthusiasm/desire as a guide to when it’s time to take a break or ramp down for a while: I came to all of this – mountain running (and running of any kind), training, Cham Fit (strength training I actually enjoy!), feeling the amazing benefit of strength training & ME – late in life, around age 49-50, about a year and a half ago, and for me training isn’t training, it’s pleasure, esp. the regular AeT runs in a beautiful environment. It’s rare for me to _not_ want to do the training, and I’m finding I really have to listen hard to my body. It’s something I’m very practiced at doing, but not in this context, and not when the *love & desire* signal is blocking the radar. Consequently, I’ve managed over and over again to lightly overtrain myself, or do more than the body is ready for out of enthusiasm and then crash for a week. Do you have any tips for how to manage this?

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