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    I’m looking for some suggestions and guidance about training with pace and power. Living in a city in the northeast USA, I’ve been running less than I’d like to due to COVID-19. (It’s like being in a Pac-Man game… 🙂 ) Becoming a better rower / sculler is something I’d like to do. I’ve focused more on ergometer training lately, and anticipate doing even more over this coming winter.

    Training on a rowing erg gives me both heart rate and power data. I’m trying to figure out how to plan and measure my training. I’m a recreational athlete, trained about 225 hours last year and am on track for a similar or slightly higher number of hours this year. So my primary metric that I’m focused on increasing is hours spent training, especially >85% of those hours below aerobic threshold (AeT).

    I’d be grateful for any suggestions for how to think about my training, focusing more on erging than on running. The reduced impact / load-bearing aspects of rowing suggest that I should be able to row for more maybe 50% hours per week than I would otherwise be able to run (comparing the ~800 hours per year for elite road runners vs. 1,200 hours per year for elite rowers).

    There is lots more data that I can dig into with a power meter. I’ve done a lactate test on the erg, and have wattage numbers at 2mmol/L (AeT) and 4mmol/L (anaerobic threshold, AnT). Training and Racing with a Power Meter by Allen, Coggan, and McGregor has been interesting, although I’m not sure I’ve understood yet too much of the data analysis they present.

    One of the specific questions I have is: how might I look at and think about a workout where the hrTSS that TrainingPeaks calculates is substantially higher than the power-based TSS that the software calculates? For instance, I did a 2x20min workout last weekend (link), and the hrTSS was 41 vs. the power-based TSS of 28. I set the my rowing power and heart rate zones in TrainingPeaks based on the results of the lactate test I mentioned.

    PS: looks like my post got caught in a spam filter – hopefully I didn’t cause duplicate posts.

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    Garret on #48482

    Some power and AeT data from the bike trainer:

    FTP from a hard 45 minute mass start zwift race: 260 Watts
    AeT from a 1 hour Pw:Hr drift test in erg mode: 205 Watts

    Putting my power at AeT at the lower end of Coggan’s zone 3.

    Looks like a bit more work on cycling aerobic base is required 🙂

    HR at FTP is 10 bpm lower than my running AnT
    HR at AeT is 15 bpm lower than my running AeT

    Training peaks hrTSS and TSS are pretty close to each other at easy and hard efforts.

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