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    Emese Foss

    Hi, I’m excited about starting the Cham Fit program! I’m starting at Level 0 as recommended. The video is about 20 minutes long with lots of time for explanations of each movement. On Friday there’s a 1 hour calendar event for Cham Fit. I’m thinking that if I go at a slow, relaxed pace, and accounting for left and right sides of most of the exercises (I figure there are 10 total), I would be doing about 6 sets of each, at 10 reps per set. Is that about correct for an hours worth of time? Thanks, Emese

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    Hello Emese,

    Great question-so level 0 is to get you used to the movements and how to do them correctly. The Level 1 video will take you step-by-step on each exercise, and it doesn’t follow 6 sets of 10 reps but is focused on movement for a certain amount of time. The entire video is actually a little over an hour, and so, therefore, the workout time in Training Peaks is that long. I hope that answers your question!

    Emese Foss on #58088

    Oh, got it I thought one needed to be on each level for 2 weeks before going to the next level. I’ll start with level 1 on Friday. Thanks!

    Emese Foss on #58355

    Hi, I have another question about the Cham Fit program. I’ve been doing Level 1 without using my workout watch. Once I’m finished with the hour long work out, I manually enter the 1 hour into the time slot on the calendar. Is that okay, or should I use my watch and merge the data from the workout into the calendared item? Thanks, Emese

    Coach on #58357

    For strength training, it is totally fine to not wear your watch and rather manually enter in the data. We will go over adding more information to those workouts in a couple of zoom sessions!

    Emese Foss on #58391

    Great, thanks!

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