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    I am a little confused by the ME instructions in the TP calendar entry. In one place the plan seems to focus on doing a certain number of reps at a fixed rate but down below in the “workout details” it uses time periods with “easy” and “hard” and RPE numbers. Is one way or the other preferred or am I missing something in the instructions?

    Third question: when I have the chance, I will do my ME workouts on a hill. I assume it is okay to go back and forth between the two options.

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    Anonymous on #72257

    Bill, The 2 ways of thinking about the “intensity” here can cause a little confusion. One of the issues is someone who is way more fast twitch muscle fiber dominant (and possibly younger) can rip through these movements at pace that will never be realistic for another athlete so I think its nice to have both a pacing goal by time and a RPE oriented goal to think about. I do like the fixed rate pacing goal when its appropriate as it keeps me honest and from getting lazy. One big caveat is if you haven’t done this type of work be very gentle with how hard you’re jumping the first time you try it until you get a gauge on how sore it may make you.
    I do have athletes go back and forth between them on occasion with decent success. They have slightly different demands so if you miss a few weeks of the gym based option you may well want to drop back a week in the progression to keep from over doing it.

    bill on #72268

    Mark – Thanks for the info. That makes sense. I will stick with the fixed pacing goal by time and reps, at least for now, which is much easier for me to track. And, yes, I am easing my way into it. I experience with the steep-hill endurance training but haven’t done a lot of the gym-based sort.

    Anonymous on #72269

    Perfect, let me know how you get on. I find the gym based really useful for getting stronger and breaking training plateaus but it is definitely a little like playing with fire 🙂

    Matt Schonwald on #72441

    Hey Mark,

    I am trying to figure out the WO#. From our start date in Oct, it looks like we are at #5 and today is only refers to the Intro WO 1 & 2 and #3.
    Next week it mentions #5 so what progression am I looking at? I am on track for #5 but is is not scheduled till next week?

    Anonymous on #72491

    Matt, Sorry its a little confusing. The majority of folks will end up needing to repeat with week here or there as the progression is a little aggressive for folks that are new to this type of training especially once you hit around #5 and start adding weight. I was trying to drop them in such that there some flexibility and each work has a couple of options depending on where you are. If you look at the workout on 12/13 it should have details for #5-#7 of the progression if you need them a week or more sooner than is programmed. If your running through them in order and need 8 & 9 before were done I can drop those in the program.

    Matt Schonwald on #72533

    Yes please! I followed #5 with the first weighted session and feel good about following that. It is disjointed in the schedule so adding that back in will be really helpful, thank you!

    Anonymous on #72554

    Here 8 and 9. Dropped them in your second to last week as well

    WO#8: Up to 15% BW if you are feeling stronger. Do 8 sets of 10 reps. Cut rest between sets to 30 seconds for all exercises.?? Rest 60sec between exercises

    WO#9: Up to 20% BW if you’re making good progress. Otherwise stay with 15%. Do 8 sets of 10 reps. Back to 40 sec rest/set. 30 sec rest/set for Box Step and Lunge.?? Rest 60 sec between exercise

    Steve on #73025

    Hi Mark, I just wanted to add on here. I see that the gym sessions in the plan I have change after week 8(ish) and go from 1:05 down to 49 minutes and the progression resets(?) to start over with 6 sets of 10 versus the 4 sets of 10. Am I doing this properly? I am a bit confused by it as I don’t recall seeing a progression where I should have added weight.
    Do you have a simple list from week 1 to week 12 of what this should have looked like…

    Steve O.

    Zach.jin on #73129

    Hi Mark- Re- the comment above on fast twitch vs. slow I still don’t think I’m understanding these. Can you translate this:

    Squat Jumps: 12 sec @ 8-10 RPE

    This means 8-10 reps? What does the 12 sec mean? Is this saying that the hard version is to try to do 8-10 reps in 12 seconds? The ease is only 3-4 reps over a minute- this seems like a HUGE difference in level of effort and time.

    Anonymous on #73160

    Zach, This is indicating about 12 seconds of activity (10 reps @ 1+ second per rep) and a relative perceived exertion (rpe) of 8-10 on a scale of 10. A lot of athletes use the RPE scale in other training and like to have a target. These are both secondary bits of info and your main thing to worry about is the number of sets/reps I.e. 6 sets of 10 reps and the amount of rest between sets (I.e. 30 seconds) and the amount of rest between exercises (I.e. 2 minutes) For a lot of athletes getting in 10 reps in 12 seconds is quite hard, you may be more like 15-20 seconds which is fine. Just do your best.

    Anonymous on #73161

    Steve, The total elapsed time is just an estimate for Training Peaks and each individual is going to be different depending on how briskly they are able to pace the movements and which rest interval progression they are on. Assuming you are on intermediate level plan the ME progression through week #5 is actually the “intro” to ME which progresses folks from 4 sets through 5 sets with some additional exercises. Then in week #6 it starts the “regular” series of 6 sets workouts. This series begins adding weight in workout #5 which should correspond to your week #11 if you haven’t changed anything. As we have discussed before the majority of folks will not be able to bump it a level every week so I tried to outline the next couple options of the progression in the pre activity comments.

    Steve on #73190

    Got it. Thanks Mark for the additional clarification.

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