Question on TSS scoring and breaking up workouts

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    Roy Miller

    I am wanting to better track the type of workouts that I am doing. For example I will climb in the gym for two hours then go on an hour run. What I currently do is just log a 3 hour workout. I am wanting to break that up into a climbing workout and then a run and log two separate workouts. My question is will this affect the TSS total. I am not sure if the score goes up based on the total time spent. Is the training effect in the score for a 3 hour workout vs a 2 hour climb and then 1 hour cardio different?
    Thanks for any advice!

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    Shashi on #64821

    When you are climbing, the key is to track the time on the wall and use it to estimate TSS.

    Understanding and Using the TrainingPeaks Metrics CTL and TSS 

    Splitting these workouts might make it easier to adjust TSS in Training Peaks.

    Aaron on #64951

    To augment the UA guidance Shashi links above, I also use this Training Peaks guidance for estimating TSS:

    Estimating Training Stress Score (TSS)

    After about 6 years of steady HR monitor use I’ve largely stopped using one, especially for long days, multi days or ski touring. This is in part due to HR watches with sufficient battery life for long events being stupid expensive and disposable (a few yrs life…), and yet another potential source of blue tooth interference with transceivers, and finding that HR chest straps are a real pain in drier winter conditions with wildly variable results owing to static issues.

    So, long winded way of saying I mostly estimate zone/RPE by breathing and feel now, with occasional recalibrations during the year with a monitor. I use Training Peaks RPE estimation for the base, and then UAs adjustment factors. I built an excel spreadsheet for calculating longer days when too hard to do in my head.

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