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    For the custom nutrition plan, what does it all include? Do you get daily breakfast/lunch/dinner menus? Ex breakfast eat one banana one cup granola? How many days/weeks of different meals do you get?


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    Rebecca Dent on #34573

    Hi Sandrock,

    Thanks for your question. Here is what I provide for the custom nutrition plan:

    I ask for a pre consultation form to be completed that includes training goals/event objectives, food intake, medical history etc. to give us a head start and to help me put together a custom nutrition plan specific to you.

    I then carry out a 30min phone consult to ask a few more questions to drill down on the details e.g. hydration, alcohol intake, sleep, perceived effort during training, recovery, day to day energy levels and your intake around training/event.

    I then within 7 days provide:

    – Nutrition guidance on day to day eating (customised to your nutritional requirements, broken down in macronutrients, meal composition, portion sizes and how to adjust to suit your own needs, importance of macro and micronutrients for your training, recovery and health).

    – Nutrition for training (around your specific training), type, timing and quantity of foods/drinks customised to your specific training and also allow you to be able to amend your nutrition intake as your training changes.

    – Supplement guidance as required.

    – An example 7 day menu plan (I plot in your already good nutrition food choices, plot in your training sessions, then on top of that I then add in your nutrition guidance based on what is in the nutrition for day to day and training guidance) Providing a working example menu plan that would then look like a typical week for you. I ask you to complete a 2 day food diary just so I can determine your food preferences and add in foods that are similar so as to not just hand you a diet sheet to follow, but instead something you can easily apply to your current intake and make changes as required. Whilst empowering you to understand why and how and be able to adjust as needed along the way.

    And I provide meal and snack suggestions again based on your dietary requirements and preferences.

    – 2 email follow up reviews to determine your progress and help you implement the changes and answer your questions. During these reviews I ask for a 2 day food diary within intake around your training so I can then provide specific feedback.

    The custom nutrition pan is designed to be a long term resource.

    It would be great to work with you to support your training/exercise/event goals.

    Thanks – Rebecca Uphill Athlete Dietitian

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