Question for WK 5 Aerobic Training/Intermediate plan

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    Hello Ladies.

    Within the write up for the Aerobic plan (WK5) it doesn’t say to stay under Threshold. Is that still what we need to be doing? Or can we Run to what feels good even if it goes above AThreshold? Ofcourse in the allotted structured time frames.

    I’ve been fascinated how this is all working out. I have noticed now that I am slowly increasing in pace yet still staying under AThreshold. Feels good.

    Whole body is changing and I’m just so happy to be doing this.

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    Just for clarification all workouts that are labelled Aerobic are Zone One/Two. If you go above your AeT you are no longer aerobic. All aerobic workouts need to be below your threshold. There are WO that are labelled recovery – Zone One and those really need to be all Zone One.
    I hope this helps!

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    oh my gosh of course “Aerobic”.That was really silly of me. Thank you Carolyn.

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