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    Saw this in the news letter. There’s a point where you write that it’s better with an hour every day than a 7 hour hike on the weekend, or something to that effect.

    In the book you recommend doing about 50% of volume in one Z1 session, 25% in another Z1 session and the rest spread out. Does the article mean we should still stick with the 50/25 long run scheme, because then the volume bunches up in 2 sessions.

    Should we try to have those two sessions as far from another as we can timewise, like the 25% on tuesday and the 50% on saturday?

    The remaining volume should it be broken up into as small pieces as possible to do it every day?

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    The point Sam was making was the same one I made in this article:

    Consistency and progression are two of the most important components of successful training. Randomly overdoing it on the weekends and then doing next to nothing all week due to work or fatigue is not the path to optimal results.

    The ratios we used in the book are meant to keep you aimed in this direction.


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