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    Hi Coach Carolyn & Maya,
    First, thank you so much for this training program. It was my first one & I know that I am now much stronger and smarter about my workouts because of it and your guidance.
    You both have advised taking recovery time (time off) before starting the next training program. Does that time off mean just doing your normal activities? That would be skiing for me. Or, does it mean doing a weekly core, maintenance strength & chamonix fit – low key, but trying to maintain what I have achieved?
    Thank you.

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    Taking time off looks different for almost everyone. For some, it is a full two weeks of doing nothing but walking and some yoga. For others, it means cutting down training to 50%. If you are excited to get in some skiing and use this fitness without a plan I would advise you to take some time to do that. It is always good to keep your core and stability muscles strong too so if you want to through in some Cham fit there is no harm in that!

    Happy Skiing!

    mmingus on #61356

    Thank you, Maya.

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