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Question about programming for the specific period

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    I’m training for Rainier (DC route) in early July and have been approaching my training from the “can’t be in too good of shape” mentality since I’m going to continue training after this trip. I’m at the end of my base period and my big training days are starting to surpass what I’ll be doing on my climb (e.g. ME workout with 5000′ and a 50# pack, 20 mile fasted Z1 with 5600′ of gain and a 30# pack).

    In TftNA the descriptions of the specific period are all percentages of the goal climb’s biggest day/pack weight so based on that my days will be less than what I’m doing now. Should I follow what’s in the book or set the pack weight to around what my trip will be and just go for as much as I can handle with regards to elevation gain? It says to dig deep during those weeks but I don’t want to overdo it. I was planning on doing two weeks of specific work and then a taper week.


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    It sounds like you’ve done a great job through the base period and do not need to add more vertical. With such a good base what will be most effective now will to add these muscular endurance workouts. Use the instructions to achieve the correct pack weight so that your leg fatigue is the limiter not your breathing. Use a very steep hill. If no hill over 25% then use a stair machine. Go HARD on these for one hour up. Do this once each week.


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