Question about max strength period

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    Starting the max strength period of 24 wk plan next week.
    The warm up section states “15 min treadmill run /hike warm up 10’easy + 5′ of 1′ fast 1′ easy.” Would one of you who has done the max strength phase mind helping me interpret those instructions? Thank you.

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    Shashi on #51151

    10 minute warm-up on treadmill at an easy pace
    After the warm-up alternate fast/easy pace for 5 minutes –
    1-minute on treadmill at fast pace
    1-minute on treadmill at easy pace

    Hope that helps.

    Anonymous on #51540

    As Shashi described, the goal is to get ready for the max strength work, so it’ doesn’t have to be precise. (Nor do the fast-paced intervals have to be maximal.)

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