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question about LnT testing and subsequent training

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    I did my first LnT test this past week, on a treadmill with a 15% grade, following the instructions as given in the training peak entry. I did a 15 minute warmup and a 35 minute test. I am not sure I went all out because I was trying to be sure that I didn’t blow up ten minutes into the test. So I have a couple of questions:

    – Once I got going, my HR increase over the test time was not nearly as much as I expected and the pa:hr percentage was less than 3%. I would have assumed I would have seen a lot more drift. Does this indicate that I didn’t push hard enough and should redo the test? Or that I should redo the test for a full 45 minutes?

    – If the AeT/Ant numbers are right (135/147), I am in the 10% zone. If this is true, then my aerobic training should be mostly Z1?

    – And if that is true, given how low my AeT is, that I am going to be really limited with respect to increasing my climbing speed while in Z2?

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    MarkPostle on #64464

    Bill, Was this outdoors or TM (constant velocity) based? If TM based that might be one of the issues, you can’t use the built in pa:hr measure most of the time but rather the first half of the test HR avg vs. Second half of the test HR average. I would generally expect to see a drift of maybe 10 bpm by that measuring method or more.

    My guess is with the info I have is that your AnT is higher than 147 and thus your delta is more than 10%. The other thing to consider is how well you’re recovering whilst training in Zone 2. If your easily recovering after your long days I wouldn’t recommend swapping all your Z2 training for Z1.

    bill on #64477

    Thanks Mark. This was on a treadmill, at a 15% grade. I actually increased the speed a bit once I got in the AnT test because it didn’t feel like I was pushing it. I will run the test again at a faster pace and risk blowing up to see if the number is higher.

    I wouldn’t think I was in the ten percent zone yet, or maybe I might be barely so. I am recovering quickly, my ground speed at a given HR is still improving, and I generally feel pretty good afterwards. I will keep doing Z2 workouts for now under the assumption that I have’t quite gotten a good read on either my AeT or AnT.

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