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    I’m using the Luke Nelson intro to Ultra training plan but cutting the distances in half as I’m training for a 25k.

    I’m confused (I think) about one part of the workout:

    “3 sets 4×8 sec bounding, long stride, explosive push with 2 min walk down/rep and 5 min rest between sets.”

    If I’m doing this on a 50m hill as specified, by them time I’ve walked downhill for 2 minutes I’m way beyond the bottom of the hill. Unless I’m supposed to walk really slow…

    Then do I walk back up the hill somewhat before starting the next rep to make it so I can walk down again for 2 minutes ?

    To me the way it’s described I’m always stuck at the bottom of the hill…

    Thanks for any insights/advice.

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    Aaron on #44499

    I interpret that as active/moving rest between bounds. Walk back down to your convenient starting point and just keep gently moving until your 2 minute rest is done.

    DominicProvost on #44506

    I think the idea with the active rest part of the interval is to stimulate the lactate shuttle. Do something low intensity that works your slow twitch fibers so you metabolize the lactate.

    topper1969 on #44867

    Thanks, I appreciate the clarification.

    Anonymous on #44932

    Actually, hill sprints are best served with passive rest. So I suspect that that description is suggesting that you slowly walk back to the start line and then wait until the two-minute rest is over.

    A passive rest, rather than an active recovery, will allow for higher levels of lactate to build up. From what I understand, this will stimulate anaerobic capacity. As Dominic suggested, and active recovery will have a different (aerobic capacity-focused) effect.

    felix.gottschlich on #46112

    I have also a question about Hill Sprints Workouts but dont want to start a new thread.

    Where i live there are not much hills that are steep and long enough for the 60s Hill sprints in week 14/15 of the 20 week Plan. But i have accsess to a steep but short sand slope. Does anybody have some experience with uphill running on sand? My idea is, that you cannot cover the same distance per stride on sand than on solid ground. But will the training effect be quite the same?

    Anonymous on #47773

    I suspect not. The fact that the sand will absorb some of the force will make these sub-maximal. Instead, try dragging a heavy weight instead of using a hill. There’s a photo in TftNA of this.

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