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    Hi there, today i started the Mike Foot big vert plan and done the AeT test. My Pa:Hr was -11.4 with an avarage heart rate of 144bpm. Does this mean i didnt go hard enough? I have attached an image of the workout data
    Thank you.

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    Anonymous on #22748


    The file size was too large to upload to our site so I can’t see the workout. What a negative Pa:Hr indicates is that you ran faster at a lower HR during the second half than the first. If you were on an out and back course that was even slightly uphill on the way out this would cause the negative sign. The test needs to be done a flat course or a treadmill to be most accurate.
    If it was flat and you got -11 then yes you chose too low of a HR or you were not well warmed up when you started the test and so warmed up by late in the test.


    Xtal1 on #22750

    Thanks for clearing that up Scott. I will try the test again on a treadmill and warm up for a bit longer.

    JPEDDER on #22812

    Hi, starting the 24 week program today, I’ve been working out consistently to be ready to start this program so am in pretty good shape already. I did my AeT today on a flat dam, ran very easy and came up with pa:HR 0.27% which I think might be a tad low. I kept wanting to run faster with a HR towards 130 but for this test I ran as close to 125 as possible. My workout is shared here, shall I use the 125 HR as my new AeT or do you think I can bump this a few beats?



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    Jon, your result only tells that you were below your AeT.

    So you need to test again at a higher heart rate. If test #2 is still too low, you need to test again at an even higher heart rate. Or if test #2 is too high, you need to test again at a heart rate somewhere between test #1 and test #2.

    It is an iterative process.

    Disclaimer: I am a just a mediocre runner. Not a coach. Not in any way affiliated with this site. But when you ask in an existing thread instead of starting a new, there is a high possibility that nobody else than me will answer.

    JPEDDER on #22911

    Thanks I figured the same so repeated the test yesterday, this time I had a 5.3% difference which I figure is about perfect. So my AeT is 131 for at least the ext couple of months when I’ll check again

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