Pushing AeT as high as possible

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    One of the main pillars of the gorgeous TFUA book consists in developing a very big aerobic base, which is beneficial for a variety of reasons.
    This season I will only race in September, so I have at least 3 months now where I can devote myself to reaching the highest possible AeT level.

    At the moment I’m peaking at 70mpw almost all done in Z1 and Z2. I have AeT around 4:50 min/km, but I would like to move it up to around 4:30 min/km.

    I can try a gradual weekly mileage increase, I guess I can reach 80mpw if I’m careful, but not much more.
    Is there anything else should I consider doing? Any higher intensity maybe, despite being still very far from race season?

    Thank you

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