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Progression in Mountaineering

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    I just came back from my first mountaineering course and summit day at Großglockner (3798m), Austria. I realised that I still need some training (fitness), which I am already working on.

    However, I am looking for possible tours, where I also get better with the technical skills over time and which I can use as goals to work towards. I am currently located in South-East Germany, so preferably tours in the East Alps. I might relocate to further West next year, therefor West Alps are also a go.

    I currently have a goal of climbing the 10 highest main summits in Germany via bike and hike (from my home) in the next 5 years.

    I would appreciate any suggestions. It might also be helpful for other mountaineering dummies 😉

    – Pat

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    Steve House on #56669

    Hi Pat,
    One of the best hacks is to look at the websites of the climbing schools in various regions and see what climbs they offer, and in what order. For example, a common follow-up to Grossglockner might be Grossvenediger. The Hohe Taurern has many good objectives for the beginning/intermediate mountaineer and there are few, if any, cable cars to interfere with your quest for fitness.

    Another great (the best) reference for this kind of approach would be the classic Gaston Rebuffat book: 100 finest climbs on the Mont Blanc Massif. That entire book is organized in the format of ever-more complex and challenging objectives for developing as an alpinist.

    This is a great model to follow and I commend you for approcahing mountaineering in this way.

    Best of luck,
    Steve House

    patnikvoe on #56702

    Hi Steve,

    I will definitely check it out and make plans accordingly. I will post some updates about trips I took.

    Thanks for the advice much appreciated,

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